Datagrama is a collective of international artist-coders that create immersive environments and perform live visuals. Inspired by nature and living systems, Datagrama use s custom-made generative software   exploring the intersection and overlay of light between the physical and the digital space.  Datagrama visuals performances and installations have been  in featured by artists such as Tipper and worldwide at  festivals such as Burning Man, SXSW, Boom Festival, and Ozora Festival, to name a few.
Datagrama performs using the same principles of a music band but running visuals. Datagrama dna is based in real time processing in order to communicate and transform dynamically generative visualizations through sound and motion tracking. 

Datagrama is also fascinated by augmented art and tend to integrate video mapping in their performances and designs. 
In the last couple of years a new and fundamental layer has been added to the workflow: artificial intelligence and neural networks. Using  machine learning and deep learning algorithms, the creative process is then directly related customized to the unique memories and characteristics of a place, image and architecture.

Quick insight in our custom glsl software Synesthesia. It is our main tool for live performance, along with other Touchdesigner & Unity among other custom  generative applications