GRAVITY (Interactive dance with Quixotic) 2015

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC  (3D video mapping) 2013

EUPHORIA FESTIVAL (3D Video Mapping), 2016

BOOM FESTIVAL (Video Installation timelapse), 2014

TRINITY (Interactive installation) 2016

KOMOREBI  (AV Installation) 2015

3D [EMBODIED] -  (Interactive Dance) 2013 USA

EMIKA (Ninja Tune) @ DVA at Protos Festival (Sensor based Visuals) 2013 USA

KERNEL FESTIVAL (3D video mapping) Italy 2013


OMNIMOTION (Interactive installation) SXSW 2015

VOICE AND EXIT (3D Video Mapping) 2016

BIOMEDIATION (New Media Performance) 2014

THE FIRE INSIDE (Interactive Dance) 2014

TWO AND FOR - Interactive Dance (Choreography by Yacov Sharir) 2012 USA

SXSW - Sensor based visuals with Julius Tuomisto (Delicode) USA 2012

DJ BOOTH - Projection Mapping Video Booth, (Art Seen Alliance)  USA 2012

XNX -  "Moving towards the next step" (Soniculture.com) PORTUGAL 2012