Datagrama is a collective of artist-coders that create immersive environments and perform live visuals. Inspired by nature and living systems, we use custom-made software to capture organic processes and breathe life into digital worlds. 
Founder & Creative Direction // VJ  - João Data
Programming // VJ - Theron Pray
Programming // VJ  - David Negrão
Programming - Daniel Treiman
Programming - Rui Gato
Collaborators // Programming //  VJ  -  Daniel Schaeffer , Dominique Davis, Alex Rowe  &  Ivo Reis

Datagrama has directed installation and performances for clients such as Vimeo, National Geographic, C3 and Scion. Datagrama´s work has been displayed at International music and art festivals such as SXSW (US) Boom Festival (Portugal), Symbiosis (US), Burning Man (US), Lollapalloza (US), EDC Daisy Carnival (US), Sonic Bloom (US), Kernel Festival (Italy), MIDI Festival (China), B2 (Russia), to name a few. Datagrama collaborated in the last years with talented artists such as Tipper, Jade Cicada,  DeTox Unit, Vitamotus, Quixotic, Ninja Tune label, Sorne, among many others. 

Quick insight in our custom glsl software Synesthesia. It is our main tool for live performance, along with other Touchdesigner and Unity generative apps